NAVI at Wild Rift Origin Series June Qualifier

Wild Rift / News / 5 June 2021 — 15:17

Starts on June 5 at 15:00

The new ua NAVI roster will take part in June's Origin Series qualifiers, Riot Games' first official Wild Rift tournament. 

The qualifying format is Double Elimination, with matches played up to two victories. All participants are divided into three groups. At the end of qualifiers, the top 16 teams from each group will advance to the monthly group finals.

NAVI match schedule
Teams Start time(CEST) Match page
NAVI  ru20ruWildTube
June 5, 15:00
NAVI  ru20ruToxicity

June 5, 16:00
NAVI  ru20trSummoner's Valley 

June 5, 17:30

June 6, 15:00

Based on their place, the teams will earn the points required to qualify for the offline finals in September. The prize pool will be € 300,000.

Points distribution in qualifying matches

1st—2nd places — qualified for the monthly finals;
3rd place — 48 очков;
4th place — 32 очка;
5—6th places — 20 очков;
7—8th places — 12 очков; 
9—12th places — 8 очков;
13—16th places — 4 очка.

Follow the progress of our new roster! #navination


ru Rustam “Valhalla” Bolurov (top)
by Aliaksandr “TREY” Tsaruk (mid)
ru Demir “stayCool” Shakhmar (adc)
ru Dmitry “Pestt” Alexandrov (jungle)
ru Aleksei “Dante” Sorokin (support)

ru Vladimir “Ospreay” Gonchar (analyst)
ru Vladislav “K1ndaGod” Voloboev (manager)