NAVI x Philips OneBlade: spin OneBlade Wheel and catch the gifts!

News / 8 June 2021 — 11:13

Spin OneBlade Wheel and catch the gifts!

Obviously, our main aim in partnership with , is to polish looks of our players and ua NAVI fans. Therefore, we came up with the game OneBlade Wheel, where you have to experiment with shaving, mustaches and beards and .

Stage 1: NAVI fans

Everyone who wants to take part in the OneBlade Wheel should go to the website
, spin the wheel and complete three tasks. For each task you get the points that make up your personal rating, which will be taken into account in gifts drawing. In addition, all the points earned by the participants are summed up. When the total number of points reaches 50,000, will go to the players' bootcamps.

Branded jersey NAVI, Philips OneBlade, Philips OneBlade Pro from B1ad3

Stage 2: NAVI players

OneBlade Wheel will roll into the DOTA2 and CS:GO bootcamps. There our players will spin the wheel and perform the same challenges. This means we will see ua NAVI players make mustache or shave off a beard. Of course, we will shoot all this on a video that can be watched on the ua NAVI YouTube channels.

It will be fun! So , share the link with your friends and take part in the drawing of prizes from ua NAVI and Philips OneBlade.