BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021 — win over FaZe Clan

CS2 / News / 16 June 2021 — 13:21

The best of 3 series starts at 15:30

ua NAVI's first opponent at the will be eu FaZe Clan. The match will begin June 16 at 16:00 CEST and will be held in a best of 3 series.

On June 1st, br coldzera left eu FaZe Clan and on June 14 se olofmeister returned from the inactivity and will continue to play with the team till the end of the year. We should note that over the last 10 matches the opponent of ua NAVI has won only twice. 

At the start of the month, the map pool of CS:GO tournaments has undergone some changes: Train was replaced by Ancient. ua NAVI and eu FaZe Clan did not participate in IEM Summer 2021, so BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021 is the first tournament where they can pick a new map.

The last time ua NAVI and eu FaZe Clan faced each other was at , where the Born to Win took the victory twice. In the last three months, the opponent plays best on Mirage (5 wins, 1 loss), and the worst map is Nuke (1 win and 3 losses). The European team prefers to ban the map Vertigo.

We are waiting for a beautiful fight and believe in the victory of ua NAVI! #navination

BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021 (BO3)
June 16, 16:00 CEST
Natus Vincere
  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Boombl4
  • b1t
  • Perfecto
      FaZe Clan
  • karrigan
  • rain
  • olofmeister
  • broky
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