BBgs — about Brawl Stars and life beyond the game

Brawl Stars / News / 15 June 2021 — 23:46

BBgs is here!

Today we will get to meet ru NAVI Brawl Stars player ru Bogdan "BBgs" Berg. The young cyber athlete will share interesting information about himself, talk about his hobbies and highlight his favorite character. 

About Brawl Stars

ruBogdan «BBgs» Berg

The game immediately appealed to me. It's simple, colorful, bright, and dynamic. It's got cool events, cool modes. Lots of different characters. It's really hard to pick someone, but I will name Max (I have all the legendaries). I leveled all the characters at the same time, not really picking someone specific. 

If you want to find teammates in the game, I advise joining a club. The key is to be on the same wavelength. Like me and ru Jason (although I do not remember how we met).

And if we are talking about my achievements... I think my best results are top 7 and top 2 in the world!

Life outside the game

ruBogdan «BBgs» Berg

I study in Moscow, in my free time I like walking and watching anime. I like ​pizza and burgers, and I hate broccoli. I'd rather go to the beach than the mountains.

I don't really spend any time on YouTube, Twitch, or other games and I don't really follow esports. All my free time I have I spend on Brawl Stars.

Sometimes I can watch movies: my latest favorites are "1+1" and the series "Money Heist" on Netflix.

You can already watch our team's performance today. The trio will take on eu Tribe Gaming EU at 22:30 at ESL Mobile Open Spring: EU-MENA. #navination