"NAVI when?": The upcoming tournaments

News / 11 March 2018 — 20:15

The main events of the month!

Hey there, NAVI fan! Spent sleepless nights supporting our squad at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 4? Watched closely the first games of the new Dota 2 roster of ua NAVI.GG.BET? Has it been a while since the last Paladins event? Then we know what is the biggest question now for you: you probably want to know what's coming up next for ua NAVI.

Surely we've got the answers, and you're in for a treat! There is a plenty of interesting matches ahead of ua Natus Vincere, LAN-finals of the international events and unforgettable journeys. Ready to root for ua NAVI?

Dota 2 


March 15-18 is going to be yet another trail for our team: ua NAVI is going to a Minor. Notably, we've gotten the spot at the tournament with the help of rs Nikola "LeBron" Popovic - the Serbian player replaced ru Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butayev during the qualifiers, and ua Natus Vincere defeated ru Vega Squadron and ru Team Spirit. So, it is going to be the "yellow-black" squad to represent CIS in Indonesia.

The tournament is interesting, first of all, because of the contenders for the title of the champions. In Jakarta, the rivals of ours will be ca Animal Planet, eu Evil Geniusescn VGJ.ThunderidRex Regnum Qeonmy Fnaticpe Infamous and se The Final Tribe. The leaders of the competitive scene, like us Evil Geniuses, the second roster of cn Vici Gaming and the team led by ca EternaLEnVy, are the frequent attendants of the LAN finals, the other teams are surely going to try and surprise the viewers with something completely unexpected!

Epicenter XL

The long-awaited CIS major is not going to pass by ua NAVI! As we've announced before, the "yellow-black" squad have gotten a direct invite to Moscow, where we are going to take part in the third tournament of the EPICENTER series. The venue, once again, is going to be "VTB Ice Palace". The prize fund of $1,000,000 and 1500 DPC points will be up for grabs for 12 teams from 6 regions, with the Russian division being represented by 3 teams: ua NAVI, ru and ru Team Empire.  The leaders of the DPC ranking are also going to take part in the tournament. No doubt, the fans of Dota 2 have an exciting time ahead!



CS:GO roster of ua NAVI.GG.BET is also going to have a fair share of action soon, as ESL Pro League Season 7 is in full swing! Most of you probably remember, that on our way here, we had to go through Relegation, facing the teams like tr Space Soldiers and se GODSENT. The victory there allowed us to get straight into the competition, without dropping down to the lower division.

Now we are refreshed and ready to play once again! There are 13 more competitors for the final stage alongside ua Natus Vincere; we've already played with a few:  eu HellRaiserseu FaZe Clandk Northtr Space Soldiers and pl AGO Esports. The online part started on the 13th of February and is going to last a while longer, all the way until the end of April, with the LAN itself taking place on 14-20 of May. We’ve already played against a few teams, and there are more to come.


On April 18-22 the "yellow-black" will compete with the strongest teams in the world at the championship in France. "Le Dôme de Marseille" will host the players and fans of esports from around the world. Sixteen teams will play for a share of $ 250,000 as well as an opportunity to claim 1 million USD, because DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 is one of the events of Intel Grand Slam. We are confident that ua NAVI will make every effort to enter the race and compete with br SK Gaming, fr G2, eu FaZe Clan, se Ninjas in Pyjamas and eu Fnatic!

WESG 2017

One of our players is going to participate in a somewhat unusual tournament, World Electronic Sports Games 2017. According to the rules, international teams are not allowed to participate in it. ru Denis "electronic" Sharipov will play there as a member of Team Russia. In the European final of the tournament, the team from Russia showed rather modest results, but it was still enough to get to the LAN in China. There is a solid amount at stake - $ 1,500,000.


Great news for all fans of Paladins: Paladins Premier League returns! The second season of this online league is starting already on March 24, and eu NAVI have joined the ranks of participants in the European division. For several weeks eu NAVI will defend the title of world champions, competing with eu Ninjas in Pyjamas, eu mousesports, eu and eu Fnatic.

The format of the spring PPL is similar to that of the previous season. During the Paladins Premier League: 2018 Spring Split teams meet each other twice and played the best of 5 format matches. Games will traditionally take place on weekends. Note that only two of the strongest representatives of the European and American divisions will pass to the May LAN final of the Paladins Masters.

Now you know what eventsyou really shouldn't miss, and 100% ready to cheer for ua NAVI! We are waiting for you on streams! #gonavi