New Event and Spectre arcana!

Dota 2 / News / 24 June 2021 — 13:37

The long-awaited event and Arcana!

Valve has released an event in Dota 2 called Nemestice. Players will have to collect meteorite fragments, dodge any falling meteorites, take enemy territories and take down towers to come out from this battle victorious.

The developers have also released a "Battle Pass" to coincide with the in-game event. It's priced at $7.49 for the first level, $26.99 for 50 levels, and $41.99 for 100 levels.

Battle Pass holders have a number of rewards available, including Spectre Arcana, the Dragon Knight persona from the anime DOTA: Blood of the Dragon, and a new persona for the Invoker.

In addition, Battle Pass features weekly quests, a courier, a ward, a music set, attack effects, catacombs, and Immortal items. Wykrhm Reddy that this Battle Pass isn't the only one that will come this year.