European League 2021: vs TrainHard eSport

R6 / News / 28 June 2021 — 10:55

7 : 2

Today, eu NAVI Rainbow Six Siege has their third match in the second stage of the European League 2021. The opponent will be fr TrainHard eSport, and the format of the match is best of 1.

After two games our opponent has the same amount of points as the Born to Win. However, our guys respectively won and lost in regulation time, while fr TrainHard eSport players achieved the same results in overtime.

Note that before the start of the second stage of the competition, the rivals made a substitution. fr Voy, who has been a free agent for some time, replaced fr Spark.

Recall that in the first stage of the European League 2021, the teams met in a duel on the map Chalet. The match ended with a victory for eu NAVI with a score of 7 : 2.

We are sure that our players will be able to repeat the result of that match! Catch us live on the broadcast and support eu NAVI players! #ObsessedWe

European League 2021 (best of 1)
June 28, 23:00 CEST
7 : 2
Natus Vincere
  • Blurr
  • Secretly
  • Doki
  • Nathan
  • Saves
TrainHard eSport
  • NoerA
  • BlaZ
  • Chaoxys
  • Voy
  • Dirza