Blast will organize their first Apex Legends tournament

APEX / News / 28 June 2021 — 13:27

New tournament from Blast

Tournament organizer Blast will hold a championship for Apex Legends. The competition, called Blast Titans, will be held in two stages.

The first stage (July 23-25) will be in a Double Elimination bracket. This stage will be participated by 40 teams: 20 invited teams, 10 from the Wild Card stage and 10 winners of the open qualifiers.

In the second stage (July 31-August 1) the best 20 teams of the first stage will continue their journey. The format in which they will play will be announced later. The total prize pool for the competition is € 40,000.

eu NAVI Apex Legends received a direct invitation to the tournament and will try their best to make it to the final stage. In addition to the Born to Win, se Alliance, ru Gambit Esports and other strong teams . #ObsessedWe