Recrent wins the Toronto Ultra's $ 100 000 tournament

News / 30 June 2021 — 10:25

Another victory for Recrent

Last night the online COD: Warzone tournament with a prize pool of $ 100,000 hosted by Toronto Ultra has concluded. Among the participants was ua NAVI content creator ru Dmitrii "Recrent" Osintsev, who played together in a team with the Brits gb Fifakill and gb LG.WarsZ.

The tournament took place over two days in a Kill Race format, with teams playing public matches for a limited time and the best matches get scored in the overall standings. Points are awarded for kills and placement in the public match. 

After the final five matches, ru Recrent's team was crowned as the champions of the Toronto Ultra. Note that the top three were extremely close to each other: The gap between first and third place was only 3 points!

Итоговая таблица турнира

ruDimitrii «Recrent» Osintsev
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«Won a $100,000 tournament by Toronto Ultra with Fifakill and WarsZ. Each one of us earned $11,000. A lot of unhappy American streamers whining about "Russian bot lobbies", but it's not the first. Next tournament is the final of the European Summer Championship on July 1st at 18:00 CEST.».

ua NAVI's content creator earned $ 11,000 ( $ 33,000 total for team). Congratulations to Dima on another victory and we continue to follow his performances. His next tournament will be the finals of the Summer European Championship starting July 1st at 18:00 CEST. #ObsessedWe

Recrent's VOD