NAVI Brawl Stars: the fourth player

Brawl Stars / News / 6 July 2021 — 16:00

NAVI Brawl Stars: the fourth player

ua NAVI esports club announced its fourth Brawl Stars player, md Marcelino Cube” Brîncoveanu. md Cube is one of the best in discipline and comes with tremendous championship experience. Marcelino was the first player in the world to reach the Master rank in Brawl Stars, for which he needed to collect 50,000 cups.

The four-player model has drastically improved ua NAVI's viability and already showed its worth at the BWS2021:EECA final, where the Born to Win . Thanks to well-timed substitutions between the matches, our opponents struggled to predict hero choices and adapt to the playstyle.

Today ua NAVI Brawl Stars will continue their performance at the ESL Mobile Open Spring tournament. There will be a duel against eu Tribe Gaming at 22:00 (GMT+3) and ua NAVI vs eu BIG at 22:50 (GMT+3).

Marcelino “Cube” Brîncoveanu
NAVI Brawl Stars

I’m honored to be a part of NAVI. I have been striving for this for a long time, and I’m incredibly happy to get this chance! Now I desire to attend the Brawl Stars World Championship and prove that we are the best team in the region. I promise that we won't disappoint our fans; we are ready to deliver awesome results!

NAVI Brawl Stars line-up:

ru PetrMMA” Pomortsev (captain).
ru Artyom Jason” Yaschanin
ru Bogdan “BBgs” Berg
ru Marcelino “Cube” Brîncoveanu

ru Vlad TheVs” Moroz (manager)