Quake Pro League Season 2 Stage 3: vs GaRpY

Quake / News / 11 July 2021 — 09:35

3 : 0

The next opponent of by Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky will be gb Gareth "GaRpY" Marshall from eu Mystro Gaming. The duel will take place on three cards.

gbGaRpY is not showing the most impressive results at this stage of the competition in the Quake Pro League. He has lost in seven out of seven matches with maps statistics 1-20. In other words, he is a complete outsider in the European region.

Alexei, on the other hand, is in the middle of the standings but has a few matches left. In all remaining matches, by cYpheR must show his best game to fight for the highest placements.

Watch the match live today and make sure you show your support to the ua NAVI player! #ObsessedWe