European League 2021: vs Rogue

R6 / News / 15 July 2021 — 09:05

7 : 4

In the seventh match of the second stage of the European League 2021, eu NAVI Rainbow Six Siege team will face de Rogue. The format of the match is best of 1.

In the last match, our guys performed not the best way, losing to fr Team Vitality with a score of 1 to 7 on the Clubhouse. But this defeat should hopefully have a positive effect on the Born to Win, encouraging them to play their best in the remaining games.

de Rogue also failed to perform, losing to ru with a score of 5 : 7. Overall, the team is in a disastrous position, sitting in the last place with only one win in overtime.

We should remind you that in the first stage of the tournament the match between eu NAVI and the current opponent ended with the victory of our guys. It was a 7 : 1 victory over de Rogue on the Clubhouse.

In any case, the match will not be easy. The opponent will surely try to do everything possible to get a positive result. We have all the hope that eu NAVI players will be the winners of this match! #ObsessedWe

European League 2021 (best of 1)
July 15, 19:15 CEST
7 : 3
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