BLAST Titans: Tournament Details

APEX / News / 21 July 2021 — 08:58

Tournament from the prestigious organizer!

On July 23-25 starts the Double Elimination stage at BLAST Titans with a prize pool of € 20,000. Let's analyze in detail the championship, where eu NAVI Apex Legends team will take part.

To start things off, it is worth noting the tournament operator — BLAST, they are primarily known for their events in the CS:GO discipline. They have also hosted Dota 2 tournament in recent years. Hopefully, the new Apex Legends championship will go smoothly and won't be the last one in the discipline.

The tournament will be attended by 40 teams from Europe and the CIS. eu NAVI received a direct invitation to the competition, as well as a number of well-known teams in the region: eu SCARZ Europe, ru Fire Beavers, ru Gambit Esports, se Alliance and others. The full list of invited participants can be found below.

Of the 40 participants, 10 of them are winners of the open qualifying competitions. Among them are ru MajorPushers and ru ahahhah, these teams are from the group of difficult opponents.

As for the format of the competition, the first stage will be Double Elimination (July 23-24). Players will be split into two groups of 20 teams: the top ten from each group will move to the upper bracket and the bottom 10 will go to the lower bracket. 

In the Double Elimination stage (July 25) the top 20 teams will be left. They will be allowed to play as many maps as they want, but the winner will be the one who earns a certain number of points.

Once a team earns the specified number of points, they will have to win on the map to be crowned as the champions of the tournament. The rest of the placements will be based on how many points the teams have at that time.

But BLAST Titans doesn't end there! For two days (July 31-August 1), 20 teams from the Double Elimination final round will fight in Arenas mode. This will be the first tournament of its kind with so many well-known participants.

The championship format is Single Elimination, the seeding will be based on the final position of teams in the Double Elimination stage. Before the top 8 will be determined, the format of the matches will be best of 3, after the games will proceed in the best of 5 format. Special mention should be given to the prize fund, which will also be € 20,000!

The spectators await a very interesting tournament with an unusual format and strong participants. We are sure that eu NAVI will be prepared for it properly and show their best game! #ObsessedWe