The captains have been revealed for the World Series of Warzone

CoD: Warzone / News / 21 July 2021 — 12:30

The tournament will be held on August 4.

The five captains have been revealed for the major tournament World Series of Warzone with a prize fund of $ 300,000.

One of them is ua NAVI content creator ru Dmitry “Recrent” Osintsev. Now he will have to choose 9 squad leaders, who will play in the tournament as part of his team.

The player draft will be streamed on August 3rd, and the tournament itself will be played on August 4th. Aside from Dmitry, it Dario “Moonryde” Ferracci (Fnatic), fr Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein (Vitality), gb IMAngelikaa (Royal Ravens) and gb Emzy (Cloud9) were chosen as captains.

This is the biggest Warzone tournament yet! We can’t wait to see the battles unfold! #ObsessedWe.