NAVI Academy signs a 13-year-old player

CS2 / News / 26 July 2021 — 13:04

Froz1k has over 3000 elo on FACEIT

A new player has joined the ua NAVI CS:GO academy — ua Adam "froz1k" Nagorny. At the age of 13 Adam has 3000 elo on , he played more than 2600 matches with a 53% win rate!

Adam made himself known when he made a spectacular ace on the dk NaToSaphiX stream 9 months ago. The clip was the most viewed in October 2020 in the CS:GO section.

Under the guidance of coach ua Amiran "ami" Rekhviashvili, ua froz1k will develop his potential even more and will be an excellent reinforcement for ua NAVI Junior in the future.

uaAdam "froz1k" Nagorny
NAVI Academy new player

"I have always admired NAVI's game, and I am extremely glad that they allowed me to show myself. The experience I shall gain through the academy will be a key to reach a new level of play. I will do my best."

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