WePlay Academy League: NAVI Junior's records

CS2 / News / 26 July 2021 — 12:58

m0NESY out of reach with a rating of 1.75

The first week of the WePlay Academy League brought ua NAVI Junior 4 wins and 3 losses. ru Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov and ru Evgenii "Aunkere" Kariat delighted the fans with their confident play and a high number of frags, making them among the best players in the rating.

Best players of WePlay Academy League
Place Players Teams Raiting Maps played
1 ru m0NESY ua NAVI Junior 1,75 7
2 ro regali eu FNATIC Rising 1,33 7
3 il xertioN eu mouz NXT 1,26 7
4 se nilo se Young Ninjas 1,25 7
5 ru Aunkere ua NAVI Junior 1,25 7
6 de Aqua de BIG Academy 1,24 7
7 de prosus eu FNATIC Rising 1,20 7
8 hu torzsi eu mouz NXT 1,17 7

Personal records:

ru m0NESY — showed the highest number of rounds with more than one frag (62.3%), the best K/D ratio (+90);
ru Aunkere — most headshot kills per round (0,54);
ua headtrick — most headshots (62,1 % frags);
ua Synyx — third place in winning duels (69,2 %). 

Aunkere's Ace

matches continue today. The first opponent of ua NAVI Junior in the will be de BIG Academy. See you at 18:15 CEST on stream. #ObsessedWe