NAVI Junior invited to Gjirafa50 Masters League Season 2

CS2 / News / 8 August 2021 — 18:08

NAVI Junior will start in the second stage of the tournament.

ua NAVI Junior CS:GO team received a direct invitation to Gjirafa50 Masters League Season 2. ru forZe, gb Endpoint, eu Team Blink, pl Anonymo Esports and dk Copenhagen Flames also received invitations. 

The online stage of the championship will be held in three stages: Group Stage, Swiss Stage, and the Play-off. 24 teams will compete in groups, 10 will qualify to the next stage of the tournament. 6 more teams will join them in the Swiss Stage, including ua NAVI Junior. The top eight teams in the second stage will be determined by the Swiss system, the format of matches will be best of 3. The Play-off participants will be divided into four pairs, these teams will fight for a place in the LAN-final. 

The total prize fund for the championship will be 75,000. The online stage of Gjirafa50 Masters League Season 2 will last from August 7 to September 22 and the  LAN-final will be held in Tirana, Albania on October 8-9. #ObsessedWe.