Six Mexico Major 2021

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The Six Mexico Major 2021 tournament for Rainbow Six Siege will be held on August 16-22 and NAVI will participate! Our team will compete for a total prize pool of $500,000.

This championship will consist of a group stage and playoffs. The teams that finish in the top two places in their groups will complete in the main stage of the tournament.

A total of 15 teams will take part in the tournament (au Knights will not be able to make it to the tournament due to the pandemic). Thus, Born to Win will play in a group with only three teams.

Make sure to support the eu NAVI players in the tournament! #ObsessedWe

NAVI schedule
Teams Time (CEST) Match page
NAVI  ru47zzSpacestation Gaming August 16, 17:00
NAVI  ru78euFURIA Esports August 17, 18:30
NAVI  ru57euSpacestation Gaming August 17, 21:30
NAVI  ru78euFURIA Esports August 18, 21:30


Group stage:

— Four Double Round Robin groups;
— All matches are Bo1.

Single-Elimination bracket;
— 1st place vs 2nd place from each group. Randomized seeding;
— All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3;
— Grand Final is Bo5, no map advantage.

Group stage

Group А
Place Teams W / Wo / Lo / L
1  ru BDS Esport 4–1–0–1
2  by Team oNe eSports 3–0–1–2
3  ua CYCLOPS athlete gaming 3–0–1–2
4  ru Susquehanna Soniqs 0–1–0–5
Group B
Place Teams W / Wo / Lo / L
1  kz Spacestation Gaming 3–0–1–0
2  ru FURIA Esports 0–3–0–1
3  ru NAVI 0–0–2–2
4  ru Knights
Group C
Place Teams W / Wo / Lo / L
1  ua DarkZero Esports 2–1–2–0
2  ru DAMWON Gaming 2–2–0–1
3  by Ninjas in Pyjamas 0–2–3–1
4  ru G2 Esports 1–1–1–3
Group D
Place Teams W / Wo / Lo / L
1  ru Team Liquid 5–0–0–1
2  ru Team Empire 3–1–0–2
3  ru Invictus Gaming 2–0–1–3
4  kz TSM 1–0–0–5