NAVI in Origin Series August qualifications

Wild Rift / News / 14 August 2021 — 14:07

The matches start at 15:00 CEST.

ua NAVI Wild Rift team will compete in the monthly Origin Series qualifiers. The boys will play in Group B.

How are the qualifiers played?

The format is Double Elimination, matches are played until two wins. Thresh is not eligible for a pick.

The top 16 teams will advance to the monthly group finals. The tournament offers not only a € 20,150 prize pool but also the qualification points needed to qualify for the Wild Rift Origin Series 2021 Finals.

NAVI match schedule
Teams Start time(CEST)
NAVI  ru20Default win
August 14, 15:00
NAVI  ru20trDarkness The Knights 
August 14, 16:00
NAVI  ru20trUnknownpros 
August 14, 17:00
NAVI  ru21ruUnicorns of Love
August 15, 15:00

Points distribution

1st-16th places — qualification for the monthly finals;
17-24th places — 72 points;
25-32nd places — 48 points;
33-48th places — 30 points;
49-64th places — 18 points; 
65-96th places — 12 points;
97-128th places — 6 points.

We wish the guys the best of luck! #ObsessedWe.



NAVI Wild Rift roster:

ru Rustam "
Valhalla" Bolurov (top)
kz Tilek "TheDon" Toktonilov (mid)
ro Cezar "Vex" Nedelcu (jungle)
ru Kirill "Hydro" Sitnikov (adc)
ru Alexey "Dante" Sorokin (support)

ru Vladimir "Ospreay" Gonchar (coach)
ru Alexander "Glory" Manoil (manager)