Origin Series 2021 Championship: NAVI in the group stage

Wild Rift / News / 24 September 2021 — 09:00

The group stage will last one day

A major event is expected on September 24-26: Wild Rift Origin Series 2021: Championship. The competition is organized by Riot Games. Five competitors, including ru NAVI, traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, to compete for the title of champions, the single ticket to the Horizon Cup 2021 global tournament, as well as a prize pool of 153,500. 

Teams Start time CEST Match page
NAVI  ru01eu  Game-Lord
September 24, 14:40
NAVI  ru01eu  Rix.GG
September 24, 16:00
NAVI  ru01ruUnicorns of Love
September 24, 17:20
NAVI  ru01es  Team Queso
September 24, 18:40

Who are the opponents?

The first opponent of the Born to Win in the group will be the team eu Game-Lord. ru NAVI has not yet met their current roster, but the results of the European squad speak for themselves: their recent achievements are first place in The Purge Wild Rift EU Series 6, second and third place in the July and August finals of Wild Rift Origin Series Group A.

The next opponent is eu Rix.GG. Previously, the players performed under the tag eu No Team No Talent, but the name proved to be deceptive. The team won two monthly Wild Rift Origin Series Group A finals and topped their group with 1,350 qualifying points.

ru Unicorns of Love's most recent accomplishment was winning the Top Series Season 2 finals in August. At that tournament, ru NAVI lost to the Unicorns in the first round and now, in Stockholm, they will not miss the opportunity to take revenge! 

In Group A, es Team Queso placed second at the Wild Rift Origin Series: June Finals, Wild Rift Origin Series: August Finals, and took third place at the Wild Rift Origin Series: July Finals. All three times, the Spanish team was stopped by the current eu Rix.GG on their way to the championship.

To sum it up, the tournament brought together the best of the best. ru NAVI is well prepared for the competition and looking forward to meet serious opponents.

About the group stage

Place Teams Wins Losses
1    ru Unicorns of Love 3 0
2    eu Game-Lord 2 0
3    eu Rix.GG 1 1
4    es Team Queso 1 2
5    ru NAVI 0 4

— format - Single Round Robin;
— if participants have an equal number of points, a rematch may be scheduled;
— four teams advance to the playoffs.

The competition promises to be hot and interesting, so be sure to include broadcast and support ru NAVI! #ObsessedWe.



NAVI Wild Rift roster

ru Rustam
«Valhalla» Bolurov (top)
kz Tilek «TheDon» Toktonilov (mid)
ro Cezar «Vex» Nedelcu (jungle)
ru Kirill «Hydro» Sitnikov (adc)
ru Alexey «Dante» Sorokin (support)

ru Vladimir «Ospreay» Goncharov (coach)
ru Alexander «Glory» Manoil (manager)