IEM Fall CIS RMR 2021

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IEM Fall CIS RMR 2021 is the last chance for teams to qualify for the Major tournament in Stockholm, Sweden. The tournament will take place online from September 29 to October 3.

All 12 teams participating in IEM Fall CIS RMR 2021 will be divided into two groups (six teams in each). All group stage matches will be played in BO1 format, following the "Round-robin" algorithm. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs, and the teams finishing in third place will meet in the match for fifth place. The final stage of the tournament will be held according to the Single Elimination system with a match for third place. All games in the decisive stage until the final are best of 3, the final is best of 5.

IEM Fall CIS RMR 2021 prize pool is $ 50,000. #ObsessedWe

NAVI's match schedule
Teams Format Date and Time (CEST) Match
NAVI1612ru AVE bo1 Over
NAVI1614by Nemiga Gaming bo1 Over
NAVI1614ru Entropiq bo1 Over
NAVI168ua Akuma bo1 Over
NAVI1610ru Team Spirit bo1 Over
NAVI20zz bo3 Over
NAVI02ru Gambit Esports bo3 Over
Group stage:

Two groups (six teams in each);

All matches are best of 1;
The first and second place teams in the groups qualify for the playoffs;
Third-place teams will play in the fifth-place match.


Single Elimination grid with a match for third place, all matches are best of 3;
The Grand Final will be held in BO5 format.

IEM Fall CIS RMR 2021

Group А
Place Team Win / lose Map difference Round
1  ua Natus Vincere 5–0 +22 80-56
2  ru Entropiq 3–2 +3 72-69
3  ru Team Spirit 3–2 +26 69-43
4  by Nemiga Gaming 3–2 +1 69-68
5  ru AVE 1–4 -17 61-78
6 ua Akuma 0–4 -35 45-80
Group B
Place Team Win / lose Map difference Round
1  ru Gambit Esports 4–1 +19 87-68
2  zz 4–1 +26 84-58
3  ru INDE IRAE eSports 4–1 +8 77-69
4  kz Team Unique 1–4 -33 43-76
5  kz K23 1–4 +0 67-67
6  ru forZe 1–4 -20 60-80
  • Semifinal
  • Final
  • Winner