COOLLERZ to play at Quake BEAT International.

Quake / News / 18 March 2018 — 11:09

Quake Champions tournament!

Great news for all fans of Quake Champions: very soon we will see ru Anton "COOLLERZ" Singov in action again! ua NAVI.GG.BET player will participate in the first season of Quake BEAT Invitational, which starts on March 23.

For three days, eight eminent players will fight with each other in the tournament by BEAT Gaming - among the contenders for the victory, there is a representative of the Born to Win as well. The event will be held in two stages: first, the players will find out who's the strongest, following the round robin system, and then - play a single elimination playoff.

Participants are divided into two groups: hu Raisy, se Toxjq and pl Av3k will be competing with our player this time around. This quartet will enter the fight on March 24, the day before, while the day before  de K1llsen, by Cypher, se Spart1e и ua Xron will play their games. In the final stage, there will be only six players, and the group stage leaders will get straight to the playoffs. The format of all series is best of 3, the grand final is the best of 5.

COOLLERZ game schedule
Players Time (CET) Match page
March 24:
COOLLERZ00id Toxjq 15:45
COOLLERZ00id Raisy 17:15
COOLLERZ00id Av3k 18:00

The prize pool of Quake BEAT Invitational will be $ 2,500: exactly half of this amount will go to the winner, the runner-up will receive $ 750, and the players who will be on the 3rd and 4th places of the standings will earn $ 250. We are sure that after the break Anton will do his best to achieve the best result! We are looking forward to the games with his participation! #gonavi