WePlay Academy League Season 2: vs Young Ninjas

CS2 / News / 30 September 2021 — 12:22

The match start at 19:30, bo3

After a confident victory over de BIG Academy, ua NAVI Junior team will face se Young Ninjas in the upper bracket final of the . The match will start at 19:30 and will take place in a best of 3 series.

se Young Ninjas came second at the LAN-final of the first season of the WePlay Academy League. The Swedes lost the grand final to eu mouz NXT 1 : 3, despite starting the game with a one-card advantage as relegated from the top flight.

A few hours before the start of the second season of the competition, the Swedish organization made a change in the lineup. The team left se nilo, and se debo took the vacant place. To win their first match after the change, se Young Ninjas had to play the full 30 rounds on both maps against dk Astralis Talent.

In the group stage of the WePlay Academy League Season 1, our team and the Swedish team exchanged victories. Both games were played on Mirage and the score was 16 : 11.

Stay tuned to see if ua NAVI Junior will make it to the Group A finals! #ObsessedWe

WePlay Academy League (BO3)
30 сентября в 20:30
NAVI Junior
  • Aunkere
  • m0NESY
  • fear
  • headtrick
  • flamie
Young Ninjas
  • Sapec
  • phzy
  • ztr
  • debo
  • Ro1f