Nissan x NAVI: Ultimate confidence

News / 19 October 2021 — 14:00

Nissan x NAVI: Ultimate confidence

We are delighted to announce our partnership with . We see Nissan as a reliable partner who shares our values in understanding of success, constant work and obsession with a goal. With a partner like this you can be one hundred percent confident. In addition, Nissan supports esports in various areas, including supporting championships and collaborating with streamers.

Oleksandr "nervo-" Pavlenko

"We are happy to welcome as a partner of NAVI. Let's not hide the fact that everyone is very happy with this partnership. We have a lot of cool projects ahead. In addition, Nissan has provided several vehicles to the club on a permanent basis. This means our players will become more mobile, and NAVI will have more opportunities to shoot cool content."

About Nissan

For more than 80 years, has been striving to be the standard of quality and professionalism in the production and service of cars. Nissan offers innovative technologies and high standards of service, and strictly abides by principles and a philosophy centered on people and their needs.

About Nissan Qashqai

is the epitome of Nissan Intelligent Mobility. From Intelligent Park Assist to Intelligent Emergency Braking. Nimble, responsive, pliable and safe. Nissan Qashqai is a pleasure to drive thanks to its finely tuned suspension and intelligent systems.