WePlay Academy League S2: CIS derby

CS2 / News / 6 October 2021 — 18:49

Start of the match at 19:30 CEST

Today we have a CIS derby: ua NAVI and ru youth teams will meet in the semifinals of the Last Chance Group .

At the conclusion of the first season of competition, ru VP.Prodigy replaced one of the players. ru Xerison joined the team instead of departed ru BloodyK. Recall that the Russian team took sixth place at the end of WePlay Academy League Season 1.

In the first match of the season in Group B, ru VP.Prodigy unexpectedly defeated eu Fnatic Rising 2 : 1. In the final of the upper bracket, the Russian team was defeated by eu mouz NXT. In the elimination match, the junior eu Fnatic squad took revenge on the "Young Bears".

During WePlay Academy League Season 1, these two teams met three times: twice in the group (bo1), as well as in the Play-in stage (bo3). ua NAVI Junior prevailed in all three games.

Will ua NAVI Junior be able to continue their winning streak against ru VP.Prodigy? We'll find out at 19:30 CEST, come on join us in supporting our boys! #ObsessedWe

WePlay Academy League (BO3)
7 октября в 20:30
NAVI Junior
  • Aunkere
  • m0NESY
  • fear
  • headtrick
  • flamie
  • RuFire
  • Xerison
  • r3salt
  • cheerful
  • lom1k