European League 2021: vs Heroic

R6 / News / 11 October 2021 — 06:00

8 : 7

The penultimate opponent of eu NAVI in the third stage of the European League 2021 will be fr Heroic. The format of the match is best of 1.

The former squad of fr unKnights plays under the aforementioned tag, in the previous stage of the tournament the team lost the support of the esports organization. By the third stage of the tournament, players secured the support of the new club and also made a substitution: fr Shoukri joined the squad taking place of fr Dirza.

However, these reshuffles have not brought success to the team: they are in last place of the standings, losing seven games, three of which were lost in overtime.

eu NAVI have high hopes for the upcoming matchup: They must achieve positive results in the remaining games in order to clinch a slot in the Major tournament. Check out the live stream and be sure to support the guys! #ObsessedWe.

European League 2021 (best of 1)
October 11, 21:45 CEST
8 : 7
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