5 reasons to watch Rocket League

News / 21 October 2021 — 09:00

Rocket League Esports and reasons why you should check it out!

Rocket League is one of the most simple, yet fascinating esports disciplines. Today we will tell you why it's worth checking it out.

To begin with, we have to say what the game actually represents. The best description is given in the official Epic Games store: "Rocket League is a high-powered hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem with easy-to-understand controls and fluid, physics-driven competition." Let's move on to the main points.

Simplicity of Rules

Unlike MOBAs or even shooters, Rocket League is extremely self-explanatory to the average viewer. There is no need to memorize the special abilities, types of weapons, or any of the map tricks. The viewer is presented with two competing teams, a ball, and the main objective: to score the opponent's goal.

In fact, Rocket League is a kind of football game, but without the additional rules in the form of penalty kicks, penalties, violations, offside positions, and other elements. The team just needs to score a goal, how simple can it be?


Octane — one of the most well-known vehicles in the Rocket League

But if it's so simple, why should you watch it? That's the trick because as easy as it is to get into the game, it's hard to become a pro.

High-class players turn every match into a show, where they show great dribbling in the air, incredible combo-play with partners, and goal saves that often look just as beautiful as a goal scored. All these factors make Rocket League, not just a game, but a very beautiful competitive sport.

Renowned teams

Rocket League
is not a newcomer to esports, but an established player who is also unmatched by its competitors. This helps to develop the esports scene of the game, attracting really big esports and sports clubs.

For example, fr Team BDS, fr Team Vitality, eu Dignitas, de Evil Geniuses, eu Team Liquid, us FaZe Clan, us G2 Esports, br FURIA Esports have their presence in the discipline. And for the fans of big sports, the are clubs such as FC Barcelona, AS Monaco, PSG, Villarreal CF, Valencia CF — each of them has or had a Rocket League team.

High level of competition

The simplicity of the game means that the result of each match depends more on the skill, both individual and team. You can't win because of some ability or a more powerful weapon: everything depends solely on the skills of each player.

In the end, the fate of matches at the highest level is decided by mistakes-the fewer of them, the higher the chance of winning. But just like in football, the outcome of many matches is still unpredictable, and you can't always hand out the victory to the favorites, and that's the beauty of competitive sports.

Seasonal tournaments and substantial prize pools

The Rocket League has a seasonal Rocket League Championship Series system: there are several Major tournaments that culminate in the main championship of the year. It was introduced in 2020 and failed to reach its full potential due to the Covid-19 pandemic: during the entire 2020/2021 season, teams played online without meeting at the international level.

However, the autumn Major tournament is scheduled for December with a prize fund of $ 300,000, which should take place in Sweden. In fact, last season alone the Rocket League Championship Series featured about $ 2,000,000, which is a fairly large amount by the standards of esports.

Also, we should not forget about the third-party tournaments, which are held both within the regions and in individual countries. The tournaments can last from several days to several months such as the seasons of the Swiss TCS eSports League.

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