CS.MONEY is a new partner of NAVI

News / 24 October 2021 — 12:00

CS.MONEY is a new partner of NAVI

Urgent news! ua NAVI and expand cooperation. The largest skin retailer becomes our partner. This means that we all will get more skins and more special offers for ua NAVI fans.

is one of the largest and most reliable platforms for exchanging in-game items! This is a project created by gamers for gamers, so here you will learn about CS:GO everything: Wiki with detailed skin maps, a super realistic 3D viewer with the option to add stickers, a huge selection of items and two trading modes. And most importantly: a 40% bonus on replenishment to get the dream skin.

uaAlexander “nervo-” Pavlenko

“We are glad that CS.MONEY, leader in their field, has joined our partners. After successful project #moneymoves, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of content and skins, exciting for our audience.”

uaAndrey Cherednichenko

“NAVI is not only a top esports brand, but also a professional marketing team. Even #moneymoves, the pilot project brought great results and community feedback. We will develop our cooperation strategically and give as much as possible for our users and fans of NAVI.”

You can win bonuses from CS.MONEY x ua NAVI right now. On our , and pages you can find a picture with encrypted nicknames. Unravel them, write the answers under CS.MONEY post and win the skin . You can comment from 24th to 28th October. The winners will be announced on October 28. Join a friendly gaming community and start the game with a new skin from CS.MONEY!