PGL Major Stockholm 2021: win over

CS2 / News / 30 October 2021 — 15:17

The match starts at 20:20 CEST

In the second round of the , ua NAVI will meet with the team zz The duel will start at 20:20 CEST and will be played in a best of 1 format.

A few days before the Challengers Stage, zz announced that uz SANJI is leaving the team. Former ru forZe player ru FL1T will take his place. In the first round of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, the Bears defeated br paiN Gaming and es Movistar Riders in bo1 matches. In the Legends Stage, they lost to FaZe Clan (0 : 2) with a score 3 : 0. zz secured their place to the next stage with a 2 : 1 victory over ru Team Spirit. 

In the first round, zz defeated fr Team Vitality on the Inferno. The teams had to play all 30 rounds to determine the winner.

The last time ua NAVI and zz faced each other was at the IEM Fall 2021 CIS. For the last three months, the Bears played best on Vertigo (7 wins, 2 losses), and worst on Ancient (0 wins, 3 losses). Nuke is the map that they always ban.

We trust that ua NAVI will finish this day with two victories! #ObsessedWe.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 (BO1)
October 30, 20:20
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