NAVI Highlights at Legends Stage PGL Major Stockholm 2021

CS2 / News / 1 November 2021 — 15:01

Enjoy watching!

ua NAVI CS:GO team made it to the undefeated. The date, time and opponents will be announced later. While waiting for the match, let's recall the best moments of Born to Win matches on the group stage. Enjoy watching!

The majority of the highlights were in the match against dk Heroic. Already in the 4th round, ua s1mple made three quick frags with AWP.

ru Electronic secured the victory in the first half of the game against the Danes, winning the clutch 1vs 2.

Another clutch. This time, the skill was demonstrated by ru Perfecto.

ru Boombl4 destroyed three opponents solo.

Three frags by ua s1mple on the second map in the match against se Ninjas in Pajamas.