ESL Pro League S7: victory over Team EnVyUs

CS2 / News / 21 March 2018 — 20:12

6 points for today!

The next round at ESL Pro League S7 for ua NAVI.GG.BET was against fr Team EnVyUs. The dual Bo1 on de_train and de_inferno ended with the dominating victory of ua NAVI in both games!

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] Team EnVyUs

The pistol round was taken by ua Natus Vincere, with 2k coming in from ru electronic and ru flamie. We capitalized on it to advance our lead further, all the way to 0:4, as the French squad did not get a single point on board, failing to plant the bomb on time. Round 5 saw ua s1mple claim an ace to his name, but the next round was taken by fr EnVyUs, it being their first point.

We did not manage to reset them right away, as fr Team EnVyUs started getting the points, decreasing the round difference all the way to 2 when we took a tactical timeout, which did not seem to yield anything. Our economy was in a pretty bad shape, which gave the opponents an opportunity to catch up - 5:5. Despite, ua NAVI did not allow the opponent to break ahead, taking the 6th point. It was only temporary, though, as fr Team EnVyUs managed to take the first half with the 8:7 score.

The second half started with a victory for ua NAVI, and we started to climb up, taking 4 rounds straight away to solidify a good score 11:8. We were very close to taking the 12th point, but a split second allowed the opponents to defuse the bomb. The French took another round before we gathered ourselves for the 13th point. ua NAVI were inching closer to getting the match point, ultimately doing so at 15:10. It did not take ua NAVI long to claim it, closing out the first game 16:10.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [2:0] Team EnVyUs

The second game started off similarly to the first one, as we took 3 rounds in a row, solidifying our lead on the map. The score eventually hit 5:0, and we were very close to losing the 6th round, yet the decision to roam around the map caught the opponents off-guard - 6:0. We kept climbing further, eventually hitting 9:0. Yet the money on the side of ua NAVI was somewhat shaky. fr EnVyUs capitalized on that, taking the first point and damaging our economy. The Terrorists got 3 points before we managed to answer backб closing the half 12:3.

The second half started with the round trades, but we maintained a good economical position. With the score being 4:14, we were only a round away from the match point. fr Team EnVyUs were unwilling to throw in the towel just yet, getting their 6 points on board, which did not do much to actually change the status quo - ua NAVI maintained the overwhelming advantage and took the game 16:6, finishing the day with 6 points!