WePlay Academy League S2: NAVI Junior Matches Are Most Popular!

CS2 / News / 15 November 2021 — 13:22

NAVI Junior is the most interesting team for viewers!

The analytics portal shared the viewership statistics. The matches with ua NAVI Junior were the most popular in the tournament.

The greatest interest was aroused by the final duel between ua NAVI Junior and eu MOUZ NXT, it peaked with 51,914 viewers in the broadcast. The Second most viewed match is the lower bracket final against se Young Ninjas, which gathered more than 48 thousand people. The top three is completed by ua NAVI Junior versus eu MOUZ NXT in the semifinals of the upper bracket. The peak number of spectators for this match is 40,772.

In the final match of WePlay Academy League Season 2, ua NAVI Junior was defeated by eu MOUZ NXT with a score of 0: 2 and of the championship. The second-place brought our guys $20,000.