NAVI signs Call of Duty Mobile roster

News / 16 November 2021 — 16:10

NAVI signs Call of Duty Mobile roster

ua NAVI esports club continues to grow rapidly: we already have 15 teams, and 5 of them are for mobile disciplines. Today we are expanding this list again. We are happy to announce the launch of the Call of Duty Mobile roster.

Five players will represent the Born to Win in the new discipline. They were previously known as eu Team Anarchy. Currently, it is the strongest team in Europe: in mid-September, guys have won the European draw of CoD Mobile World Championship 2021. They earned $ 15 000 and secured a spot in the main event of the year, which will be held from December 4th to 5th.

The top 12 teams from Europe, North American, and Latin America will be competing for the $ 1 000 000 prize pool. Initially, the tournament was planned as LAN, but it is now going to be held online due to the unstable global epidemiological situation.

Soon you will have a chance to see eu NAVI Call of Duty Mobile in action. But for now, you can subscribe to our channel and follow the announcements on our website, so you are up to date with all the upcoming events.

Luca Dôn-Lai “Don-Lai” Tran
NAVI Call of Duty Mobile

“I’m excited to be part of NAVI! After dreaming about joining a big organization as a kid within the Esports scene. Never would I thought I would make it this far and right now I am even more motivated to play let alone under NAVI. With the opportunity that the team has, we will dominate future tournaments under the name of NAVI.”

Ricardo “quique” Recinos
NAVI Call of Duty Mobile

“I feel super excited to become part of the navination! This is a huge step in my career as a Call of Duty Mobile player and I wouldn’t want it to be with any other organization besides NAVI!”

Serhat “Creed” Atilla
NAVI Call of Duty Mobile

“Joining NAVI means a lot to the team, especially right before we go into the biggest CODM event we have had up to date. This gives us a motivation boost leading up to stage 5. With NAVI’s CSGO team winning the last Major, we plan on doing the same on the CODM side.”

NAVI Call of Duty Mobile roster

de Fatih “vere” Camgöz (captain)

de Ricardo quique” Recinos
nl Luca Dôn-Lai Don-Lai” Tran
nl Serhat Creed” Atilla
gb Lasperhey Miney” Lorenzo

es Axel Francisco Hades” Jurado Tinoco