S1mple made the switch to RAID: Shadow Legends

News / 1 December 2021 — 10:00

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A bit shocking, but true! RAID: Shadow Legends introduced a new champion into their game, Alexander «s1mple» Kostylev became a prototype for it. Now in RAID: SL everyone can shooting from a bow.

To get the s1mple champion register on Plarium ID, , log in at least 7 times within two months and get the s1mple champion in your arsenal

Additional motivation to win an s1mple champion in RAID: Shadow Legends — a unique opportunity to win special prizes from NAVI and RAID: SL.

Александр «nervo-» Павленко

"It’s a unique collaboration of RAID: Shadow legends and the esports player. We are proud of s1mple and his performance success. We are thrilled to see him in RAID: SL universe! By all means s1mple’s character will help RAID: SL players get just as many victories as he has in real life. Besides, doesn’t he look stunning with the elf ears!"