NAVI at the CoD Mobile World Championship 2021

News / 4 December 2021 — 15:00

The prize pool is $1,000,000

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship finals for the Western region will take place on December 4th-5th in LAN format. The 12 participants, including NAVI, will compete for a $ 1,000,000 prize pool.

The group stage of the competition will take place on December 4th: The top four teams from two groups will advance to the playoffs. Based on the results of the draw, the Born to Win is in Group B with GODSENT, Tribe Gaming and other teams. All matches in the tournament are best of 5.

The first opponent of NAVI will be Tribe Gaming: the fight will start at 16:00 CET.

Join the broadcast and support the Born to Win. We believe our guys will make it to the playoffs and compete for the grand prize of $ 300,000. #ObsessedWe.

NAVI's match schedule (December 4)
Teams Time (CET)
NAVI03Tribe Gaming Over
NAVI23NYSL Mayhem Over
NAVI31Zygnus Esports Over
NAVI13Asylium Over

Group Stage

Group B
Teams Matches Maps
Tribe Gaming #1 5–0 15–1
Asylium #2 3–2 12–8
NYSL Mayhem 3–2 9–9
NAVI 2–3 9–11
Zygnus Esports 1–4 6–13
GODSENT 1–4 5–14
Group A
Teams Matches Maps
ARP Gaming #1 4–1 14–5
STMN Esports #2 4–1 12–7
Xplicit 3–2 12–9
SKADE 3–2 11–12
Nova Esports EU 1–4 7–12
FullHouse Gaming 0–5 4–15

NAVI Call of Duty Mobile roster

tr Fatih
"vere" Camgöz (captain)
de Ricardo "quique" Recinos
vn Luca Dôn-Lai "Don-Lai" Tran
nl Serhat "Creed" Atilla
gb Lasperhey "Miney" Lorenzo

es Axel Francisco
"Hades" Jurado Tinoco (manager)