What has NAVI listened to in 2021?

News / 6 December 2021 — 15:49

Who do your music tastes match up with?

Recently, the music service Spotify summed up the year for each user.  In connection with this event, we decided to find out what kind of music NAVI managers and players listened to in 2021.

Did any from the Born to Win match your musical taste? Share in the comments!

Ilya “Osipov — NAVI Junior player

Daniil ” Valitov — NAVI Junior player

Artem ” Adarkin — NAVI PUBG player

Denis ” Tkachev — NAVI VALORANT player

Artur ” Kurshin — NAVI VALORANT player

Vladyslav ” Svistov — игрок NAVI VALORANT

Brandon Stones — NAVI Halo player

James “” Bradbrook — NAVI Halo player

Perry “” Kenyon — NAVI Halo player

Robert “” Earl El-Zein Faulk — NAVI Halo player


Aleksandr Lemeshev — NAVI Dota 2 manager

Dmitry ” Smartselov — NAVI VALORANT coach