Beat Invitational: group stage

Quake / News / 24 March 2018 — 08:53

The battle begins!

The matches of Group B of Quake Beat Invitational will be played out today, with our  ru Anton "COOLLERZ" Singov stepping into the battle. COOLLERZ's games are set to kick off at 16:45 Kyiv time. 

Notably, the event will line up a formidable list of participants, with such players as hu Adrián "RAISY" Birgány, se Johan "toxjq" Quick and  pl Maciej "Av3k" Krzykowski as COOLLERZ's opponents. Being very strong contenders, each of them can potentially top the group.

COOLLERZ's match schedule
Players Start time (Kyiv time) Match page
March 24:
COOLLERZ00id Toxjq 16:45
COOLLERZ00id Raisy 18:15
COOLLERZ00id Av3k 19:00

Since all players are at an equal level, we are certain to witness some exciting Quake action this weekend. All games will be bo3s, with three players advancing out of the group. We will surely see Anton play to his fullest potential and hope it will help him make the playoffs. Tune in to the stream later today and support ua Natus Vincere! #gonavi