NAVI turns 12!

News / 17 December 2021 — 13:13

Congratulations to the club on its twelfth anniversary!

Natus Vincere esports club is twelve years old! Let's recollect together how many interesting events took place in NAVI during the year, and read the comments from our friends.

uaAlexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy
NAVI Founder

Dear NAVI! You're already over a decade old, but you're getting better and better every year! The 12th year was very successful! And now, for the 13th year, I would like to wish you even more new victories and trophies!

Thus, this year we actively introduced new disciplines: the ranks of Born to Win expanded with teams from VALORANT, Rocket League, Halo Infinite, Brawl Stars, Wild Rift, Mobile Legends, Free Fire. And we don't intend to stop! 

uaYevhen Zolotarov

Dear club, happy birthday! I’m glad to be working for the most special club in the world and it’s certainly not just a job for me. I’m wishing that you will never lose your passion for what you love the most — winning!

uaAleksey "xaoc" Kucherov

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAVI! I wish you 20 more teams and 40 more trophies. In 1 year!

Over the year NAVI became stronger - the numerous victories of our teams still warm our hearts. Just think of the long-awaited championship victory at the CS:GO Major! 

uaArsenii "ceh9" Trynozhenko 
Commentator, analyst, ex NAVI CS:GO player

Way back in 2009 we couldn't even think that we would be celebrating the twelfth anniversary of our home team, organization, an esports structure that would become one of the most interesting and largest. A team that in its time will win many titles, where some of the best players in the world will compete. That's awesome and incredibly cool! I would like to wish nothing but success in the future. I'd like to celebrate the eighteenth and then the twentieth anniversary, too. I hope that NAVI will exist as long as possible. Happy Holidays, dear ones!

uaDanylo "Zeus" Teslenko 
ex NAVI CS:GO player

Congratulations to NAVI on this cool milestone! And very happy that this year, as in the very beginning in 2010, NAVI became the best in the world! Congratulations to everyone who worked long and hard to make it happen.

uaAleksei «yXo» Maletskyi 
CS:GO Commentator, analyst

Our favorite club is 12 years old! 12 years of incredible emotions, pride, sense of community! Thank you, darlings, for every game, for tickling the nerves, for snapping our voices during the broadcasts, thank you for the friendship! I sincerely wish you new victories, great aspirations, new talents, great sponsors, loyal fans and crazy prizes! My heart and my voice goes out to you!

uaOleksandr "petr1k" Petryk 
CS:GO Analyst

I want to wish NAVI only the most accurate grenades and cool content!

byYaroslav "N1ghtEnd" Klochko
NAVI CS:GO manager

Happy birthday, NAVI! I'm grateful for all the 12 years you have gathered under your wings such different and unique people. You believe in their most daring ideas and every day prove that the impossible is indeed possible! Follow your principles, there are a lot of great victories ahead of us!

The  product range has been expanded considerably. In cooperation with PUMA, our new partner and one of the world leaders in the production of sportswear, we developed a new uniform with the customization possibility. And we also updated our logo.

uaOleg "prb" Bulavko
Head of Media at NAVI through 2017

I remember NAVI as a "baby. Inexperienced, inquisitive, making mistakes, but also knowing from birth its purpose: to win and win the hearts of millions. I am sincerely delighted to be a "relative" of such an organization, and NAVI is forever in my heart in this sense. I wish the players and the whole team great (and even greater) accomplishments, joyful and bright moments in life. Happy Birthday!

uaOleksandr "nervo-" Pavlenko

I played 1.6 in 2009, Dota in 2011, CS:GO in 2016 and to this day. Life went on, and NAVI was always around and saw things. He is only 12, but there are enough moments and events to fill a dozen gray-haired old men. Always by your side, giving you excitement and will always be there for you. That's why we love it.

gbJames "BanKs" Banks
Host, CS:GO commentator

My love for NAVI has been strong since I was in Korea with the Counter-Strike 1.6 team and watching the team's victory at The International, DOTA in the hotel bar next to Zero Gravity. The passion NAVI had for the game, how much it meant for them and what it did to change their lives was something I could relate to. I felt connected straight away.

Now on our 12th birthday, the NAVI nation is stronger than ever, winning championships across multiple games and finding success around the world. The same heart and essence stays the same for our great club and here's to another amazing 12 years and more where we will continue to make history across the scene!

Happy birthday Natus Vincere!

Love from Mascot Banks!

uaDaniil "headtr1ck" Valitov
NAVI Junior player

Congratulations on your birthday! You've written great stories and made history over the course of your existence and I'm sure there are more triumphant victories and phenomenal experiences to come. Happy birthday, #navination!

In addition, we were happy to start partnerships with the largest of the largest - Nissan, Philips OneBlade, Bybit and Tinkoff, as well as Raid: Shadow Legends. Don't miss the news on our site: thanks to our partners we have more and more interesting stuff for you! 

byKostya "leniniw" Sivko
CS:GO Commentator

Natus Vincere set an example for me and for the whole CIS region that nothing is impossible. The fans and the region itself achieved something truly invaluable. I would like to congratulate the organization on its birthday and express my gratitude for your hard work. Live on forever!

uaDmytryi "def" Lemeshchuk 
CS:GO Analyst

Happy birthday, NAVI! From the very first year of your existence, you inspired me and many other young guys with your achievements in CS. After 12 years, a lot has changed, but you are still at the top, winning grand slams and majors in CS:GO, successfully expanding in other disciplines. That's pretty impressive! I wish you to keep up the momentum, keep making your fans happy and reach new heights!

uaAmiran "Ami" Rekhviashvili
NAVI Junior coach

Happy birthday, NAVI! You are already 12 years old, and everything is just beginning! :) I wish you prosperity, new victories and a lot of stars.

uaTaufik "Tafa" Khidri
Commentator, CS:GO analyst

Bro, even though you're still young, you're already an experienced and wise cyber who knows his priorities. Over the years we've seen many of your victories - let this be just the beginning of your legendary story. Don't stop and stay real, no matter which obstacles might be in your way.

Looking back, we can safely say that it was a busy year. But the Born to Win is only gaining momentum. We are sure that more victories and interesting events await the club in the future. 

Happy Birthday, NAVI! #ObsessedWe

ruAlexandr "alya" Pirogov
NAVI PUBG player

Happy birthday, NAVI! I wish you further development, new successes and lots of tops in tournaments across the world in your future!

uaMaksym "MaxStrafe" Stadniuk
NAVI Apex Legends Player

Happy birthday, my faithful friend!
I wish you endless luck and glorious victories. Keep on gathering trophies and regalia throughout all disciplines. You are worthy of every single one!
P. S. Black and yellow suit you well.

zzNAVI Mobile Legends
NAVI Roster

Hey! Happy hatching! You know, the coolest thing is self-realization - so do it! Also, best of health and longevity. Yours faithfully, MLBB roster.

byKirill "9impulse" Kostiv 
Former NAVI Apex Legends member

Happy freaking birthday, NAVI! Smoochies on everyone's lips, tight hugs and 12 pulls on the ears! I remember very warmly my time in your ranks, because you are awesome! Prosperity and joy within the organization, xo.

byNikita "clawz" Marchinsky
NAVI Content creator

From the bottom of my heart, I want to congratulate our beloved NAVI on its 12th anniversary! The club has reached incredible heights in the cybersports scene with all its facets. The numerous successes Natus Vincere celebrated over the years, will only be expanded by more and more victories.