BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 — vs G2 Esports

CS2 / News / 17 December 2021 — 10:16

The duel will start at 16:30 CET

The next opponent for NAVI at the lower bracket will be a team G2 Esports. The duel will start at 16:30 CET, the format is bo3.

After a face-to-face meeting at the PGL Major Stockholm, where NAVI won, G2 Esports did not play at the BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2021, and at IEM Winter 2021 made a substitution. Due to visa issues, nexa missed the tournament and was replaced by kennyS. The French-Balkan team made it to the semifinals of the championship, where they lost all three maps to Ninjas in Pyjamas.

G2 Esports started their performance at with revenge against NiP (2:1), and in the semifinals of the upper bracket they lost to Team Vitality with a score of 0:2.

In the last three months, the opponent plays best on Mirage (11 wins, 4 losses) and Dust2 (4 wins, 2 losses), and worst on Vertigo (1 win, 3 losses). Overpass gets banned the most often by G2 Esports.

NAVI will do their best to get to the next stage of the tournament! We are waiting for everyone on the stream to support Born to Win together! #ObsessedWe

BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 (BO3)
December 17 at 16:30 CET
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      G2 Esports
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