New NAVI Junior roster

CS2 / News / 20 December 2021 — 17:01

Meet the new NAVI Junior roster!

On December 8th, the NAVI esports club announced the start of for the NAVI Junior CS:GO squad. Eugene "Aunkere" Karyat, Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov and Rodion "fear" Smyk were put up for transfer, while Daniil "headtr1ck" Valitov remained on the roster. NAVI CEO, Yevhen Zolotarov, will give the specifics in the video, airing on our by the end of December.

For a week and a half NAVI CS:GO Academy head-coach Amiran "ami" Rekhviashvili was testing NAVI Youth players in order to select and form the new NAVI Junior roster. Today we are ready to present the final five players.

As a reminder to our audience, we are constantly looking for young talents. If you are between 13-16 years old and have more than 3000 ELOs on FACEIT, check out the , and submit your application. Maybe you will be the one to join the NAVI academy!

Amiran "ami" Rekhviashvili
NAVI Junior coarch

"I believe that each new generation of players is stronger than the previous one. Therefore we have to give the youngsters a chance to present themselves. NAVI Junior has started a new cycle with the newly formed roster.

Each player who passed the selection gave his best. The guys were fighting for their goal and made numerous efforts. They are talented, hungry for victories and want to prove themselves But there is a long way of learning and getting to know the world that is new to them — the world of professional esports. We will try to help them become professionals in all aspects."

NAVI Junior renewed roster:

ua Daniil "headtr1ck" Valitov

ua Andrii "nipl" Kukharskyi
ua Mark "UNBR0KEN" Varakuta
ru Vladyslav "latt1kk" Vydrin
ru Dmitriy "fen2k" Gladskikh

ua Amiran "ami" Rekhviashvili (coach NAVI Junior)
ua Mykhailo "M1ke" Palamar (manager)