Year in review: NAVI in Rocket League, Apex Legends, PUBG and PUBG Mobile

News / 29 December 2021 — 15:00

What went on in Battle Royale?

We continue to sum up the results of the year! Today we will look back at the results of our Rocket League, Apex Legends, PUBG and PUBG Mobile teams.

Apex Legends

2021 was not the easiest year for our Apex Legends team. The roster was built around Maksym "MaxStrafe" Stadniuk, who chose to play in an international team. Renowned players Lauri "Kouhia" Kouhi and Herman "Nesh" Kobrin joined the team: both had extensive experience in the professional scene and looked like excellent choices to conquer great heights.

However, the boys could not perform at a high level right from the get-go. Time was given to get used to each other and develop strategies and tactics. For these reasons, NAVI's results were far from the best.

In February, the first successes followed. Fourth place at , second place at , seventh place at , and then one step away from winning the  . It seemed like the guys had found their game and would only continue to fight better. But, alas, there was no stability in the team's performances.

The next few months were rocky: NAVI took a few small championships, then finished tenth in the . The result was quite reasonable, but it also bordered on unimpressive performance in smaller tournaments.

The end of the summer brought second place at the DreamHack Influencer Invitational - Europe, the team performed decently in a number of tournaments, but then the decline was back again.

The end of the year was a failure: the first Pro League split of the season almost ended in disaster. NAVI finished in 32nd place and barely made it to the qualifiers. It became clear that the team in its current form had exhausted its resources and something had to change.

NAVI will enter 2022 with a new squad in the Apex Legends. The are the Myztro Gaming and they will begin their performance under the yellow black banner in the playoffs of the first ALGS split, which will be held in January. So, don't forget to support the team!

Rocket League

In the second half of October, the NAVI esports club introduced another roster in a new discipline . Fadeaway European mix players, who made a name for themselves this year, were invited to play under the yellow and black flag.

In a brief period that they were in, they managed to please the NAVI fans with some good results. The Born to Win finished first in the seventh season of the . However, on the European stage, the team's successes are not the greatest.

The team finished the first regional tournament of the season in 12th-14th place, and in the , they placed at the bottom of the standings. For the third championship, the guys did not qualify at all.


NAVI PUBG had no change between 2020 and 2021: the team consisted of Arseniy "ceh9" Ivanychev, Andrey "Besto" Ionov, Vitaly "TheTab" Karkeshkin, and Vladislav "Orange" Ostroushko. But at the end of the last year, this roster was under a question, and unsuccessful performance at the (17th place) put a final nail on it. So, on April 16 ex-Tornado Energy joined the stan of the Born to Win: Konstantin "Mellman" Levkin, Andrey "Qwizzy" Pobedinsky, Artem "xmpl" Adarkin, Alexandr "alya" Pirogov.

During the season the team demonstrated a good level, but the games could not be called perfect. At big tournaments, the squad stayed in the top five (and PCS5  5th place, 4th place). The squad only managed to win a small CIS tournament .

In November, NAVI traveled to Korea for the , where 32 teams from different countries were competing for $ 4,340,000 and the title of World's Best. NAVI held their own in the qualifiers and eventually earned a slot in the final round of the championship. But they did not manage to put up a fight in the grand final and ended up in 11th place.

NAVI at PGC 2021

NAVI's result at the PGC can be considered respectable, as our team left 21 teams trailing behind! We hope that in 2022 the yellow black will show an even stronger performance. 

Rate NAVI's performance this season?
Valeriia «Lera_X» Khegai

We finished the season in the top 3 in Europe, it's not a bad result. But we are not satisfied with it, of course, and we will strive for the first place.

You finished 11th at the World Championships. How did you feel about that result? Perhaps something prevented NAVI from performing better?
Valeriia «Lera_X» Khegai

It was the first world championship for the current squad. We knew that we would face challenges to overcome. Thanks to our good spirit and hard work throughout the tournament, we grew and progressed and made it to the grand final with confidence. But unfortunately, we didn't handle the tough situations the game gave us there, and we finished only 11th. Now we will review the whole tournament and work on our mistakes. We'll come back next year even stronger!

What are your plans for next year?
Valeriia «Lera_X» Khegai

The plan is to become Europe's top 1 in the new season and return to the World Championship as favorites.

PUBG Mobile 

In the past year, the NAVI mobile PUBG team has once again emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

The year began with successful performance and fourth place at the in Dubai. After breaking down their game upon their return, NAVI threw themselves into action with renewed vigor. The nearest big tournament was scheduled for May, so the Born to Win honed their skills at small CIS championships (Major Pride League 2021, Altel Cyber Games Season 3, The Purge Series 2, Severnik CIS Challenge 2).

In the first season of the , NAVI took second place and advanced to the CIS finals. A few days later, they took second place and also won a slot in Pro League CIS Season 2

Thanks to the victory at the EMEA Finals in 2020, NAVI got a spot at the , so a month after the Pro League, our team went to a new battle. And was crowned champion, beating the nearest competitor by almost 50 points! The prize was a ticket to the .

Shortly afterward, NAVI became the champion of , and in the autumn went to conquer the Pro League CIS Season 2. Just like last season, the Born to Win qualified in second place for the finals. Except for the final stage, they loosened their grip a bit and ended up in . However, this did not upset the fans, because, at the end of two Pro League seasons, NAVI scored the highest number of PMGC qualification points of all the teams in the region and nearly became the first participants in the world championship. 

However, at the , NAVI has already made it back! The Born to Win took not only the trophy but also the MVP title for Tixzy. Before the start of the , our team was full of positive emotions and rushed into action.

It was going to be an intense battle, as only six of the twenty participants in the PMGC 2021 League would make it to the grand final of the championship. And the Born to Win did everything they could to achieve their goal! By finishing PMGC League in second place, NAVI received the coveted ticket and became the only team from the CIS to defend the honor of the region. 

2021 was generally a good year for NAVI. What are your plans for next year?
ruVitalii «Matic» Shulga

To show a good result in the finals of the PMGC and then proceed to the next global tournament.

What was your most memorable event this year?
ruVitalii «Matic» Shulga

Most memorable was the last day of the PMGC West finals. Before the day started, we agreed as a team not to look at the standings and play our own game. The first three games weren't our best, but the rest of the day we did well. After the last game, when we checked out the stream, everyone was surprised and happy with the result.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals will take place on January 21st-23rd, 2022 with a prize pool of $ 3,490,000. We're looking forward to the tournament and believe that in the new year, the Born to Win will do everything they can to win the title! #ObsessedWe.