Results of the year: Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT and Halo

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The results of the year. Three shooters are coming!

The busy year 2021 is coming to an end. Today we will take a look back on NAVI's performance in three disciplines - Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT and Halo.

Rainbow Six Siege

NAVI didn’t have a successful start to 2021 in the discipline. Though our team qualified for the finals of the , we failed to keep our performances up. After losing twice, the team finished fourth and took a break. Changes were inevitable, but what had to be changed?

Born to Win performed with standin-coach jahk in the second season of the and took first place. Nevertheless, the roster had to be updated by the start of the . Therefore and Joe left the team while Nathan and Secretly .

The changes had a positive impact on the team. They successfully completed the first stage of the and won. In the second stage, they finished third and qualified for the , which was supposed to be held in Mexico.

The minimum task for NAVI was to survive the group stage, especially since Knights, one of our rivals, didn’t manage to attend the championship. However, NAVI unexpectedly took the , letting FURIA Esports and Spacestation Gaming advance. It was surely not a great result, especially because our team was unrivalled within the local scene. were meant to work better for NAVI.

It's hard to say what went wrong, but the team finished the third and final stage of the in eighth place. At the same time, Born to Win secured a spot at the Six Invitational 2022, which certainly makes us happy.

The year ended with the European League 2021 finals for NAVI. The guys did well at the championship and, winning $16,983. Born to Win has a short rest and intensive preparation for the World Championships ahead.

2021 is coming to an end. What can you say about the team's results? What are you happy about and what would you like to improve?
Jack Doki” Robertson

I think 2021 has been a “better” year for NAVI R6. We achieved our long term goal of making the world championship, the six invitational. Toward the end of the year, we fell off a bit and started to underperform, it’s something we’re very aware of and will work hard to make sure we’re ready for the Six Invitational.

2022 will start with the Six Invitational. How do you plan to prepare for this championship?
Jack Doki” Robertson

We will hopefully have another 2 week's bootcamp in January if covid rules allow. Here we will be together as a full team and prepare for the tournament focusing on our weaknesses and hoping to improve where we couldn’t before.

Speaking about 2022 in general, what goals have you set for yourself?
Jack Doki” Robertson

2022 I want to get back to the top of the European League, we finished 3rd overall this year which is an “okay” result but I know we’re better than that. I want to keep up a strong performance for myself and improve on my weaknesses.

NAVI Rainbow Six Siege Roster

gb Jack Doki” Robertson
pl Szymon Saves” Kamieniak
gb Byron Blurr” Murray
se Rickard Secretly” Olofsson
gb Nathan Nathan” Sharp

fr Cyril jahk” Renoud (coach)
fr Razig “DraZ” Abida (analyst)
ua Igor caff” Sydorenko (manager)


In June, the NAVI esports club decided for the new game from Riot Games, VALORANT. was the first team member, he was joined by four players from the mix a month later.

The team started off well, making it to the . They kept playing confidently in a number of less important championships. However, in the big championships, things were not working out. NAVI reached 9-12th place at and 5-6th place at FEL Valorant Cup #3.

By the end of 2021, and Arch left the squad and got replaced by Jady. The renewed NAVI roster will try to achieve the best possible results in 2022!

The professional gaming scene is still very young. What do you think of its development in 2021?
Mikhail Duno” Fokin

Unfortunately, the CIS region is still developing and growing. I wish there were more tournaments we could take part in.

What goal is set for the team in 2022?
Mikhail Duno” Fokin

I would really like to see a CIS-era forming in VALORANT as well :)

The main goal of the team in the coming year is to bring as many trophies as possible to the organization treasury!


by Artur 7ssk7” Kiurshyn
ru Kirill Cloud” Nekhozhin
ru Denis “dinkzj” Tkachev
ru Mikhail Duno” Fokin
ru Yaroslav Jady” Nikolaev

by Dmitry SmartSeven” Smartselau (coach)
ua Vlad TheVs” Moroz (manager)

Halo Infinite

November kept an enormous event ready for NAVI fans and Halo supporters. Our club introduced its roster. In addition, NAVI is one of the launch partners of Halo Infinite Esports.

In terms of competition, the team has played in several tournaments but has stopped one step away from trophy spots. Especially frustrating was the defeat in thequalifiers, however, Born to Win still participated in the tournament thanks to a sufficient number of ranking points.

This Major NAVI can include in their list. The guys 7th-8th, but at the same time, they were the strongest among all the teams from Europe. A great end of the year!

You finished 2021 as the strongest team in Europe. How does this achievement feel? Do you have the ambition to conquer the worldwide tops as well?
James Jimbo” Bradbrook

Finishing as the strongest team in Europe is definitely a great feeling, especially beating Quadrant to achieve that placement proves we are better. Our ambition when building this roster has never been dominating Europe, its to beat NA. We showed great signs and had a very close series, closest than Europe has had before.

Do you expect any changes within the discipline in 2022?
James Jimbo” Bradbrook

With how HCS is becoming, with HCS Partnered teams the environment is a lot more professional, which is something I've wanted in Halo for a very long time, I think that's key to tightening up the skill gap.

We learned a lot from the Major, not just as a team but as individuals, time to put our heads down and prepare for the long 2022 season we have ahead of ourselves.

NAVI Halo Infinite roster:

gb Perry 
tuf0xy” Kenyon
gb James Jimbo” Bradbrook
gb Brandon Respectful” Stones
de Robert Kimbo” Earl El-Zein Faulk

ua Michael M1ke” Palamar (manager)

* * *

2021 has been a busy and successful year for many divisions of the NAVI esports club. We are sure that 2022 will only increase the achievements of Born to Win! #ObsessedWe