BEAT Invitational: COOLLERZ to playoffs!

Quake / News / 25 March 2018 — 12:41

Group stage is over!

The first stage of Quake BEAT Invitational is over! Player of ua NAVI.GG.BET ru Anton "COOLLERZ" Singov has taken the required number of points in order to continue the fight in the playoffs. Intermediate results of our participant are in this article.

Anton got quite serious and experienced rivals after the draw, and he has played against many of them before at various competitions. So, the first match of the group stage at Quake BEAT Invitational saw ru COOLLERZ play against se Johan "toxjq" Kuika, one of the strongest players of the European division.

Notably, the last battle between Anton and Johan took place during the group stage of DreamHack Winter 2017: Duel. Then it turned out to be se toxjq's game, but today ru COOLLERZ took a masterful revenge with a score of 2:0!

Next up, the ua NAVI player had to fight for the first time with the Hungarian cybersportsman hu Adrian "Raisy" Birgan, who is quite a renown player with a lot of achievements. One of the last - a triumph at DreamHack Denver 2017: Duel. That match went to him as well.

The final chord was a match with the representative of ru ru COOLLERZ gave pl Macieu "Av3k" Kzhikovski a run for his money, but ultimately Anton was not able to secure a victory. After three played series, our player was in a shaky position, however, the earned points were enough to go to the next stage.

Today, on March 25, player of ua Natus Vincere will begin the march through the playoff grid. In the first round, he will face off against by Alexei "Cypher" Yanushevsky. Approximate time of the beginning of the match is 15:00 CET, format - best of 3.

Sure, ru COOLLERZ will do his best to show a very good result and please the fans with a beautiful game! Join the broadcast and do not miss the spectacular matches! #gonavi