WePlay Academy League S3: last group match

CS2 / News / 11 January 2022 — 08:55

The meeting will start at 19:20 CET and the format is two bo1 matches

The last opponent for NAVI Junior in the group stage of will be Young Ninjas. The meeting will start at 19:20 CET and the format is two bo1 matches.

Young Ninjas enter the match with the statistics of victories and defeats 3-3. The Swedish team defeated Astralis Talent on the first matchday. Then they drew with Fnatic Rising. In the match against BIG Academy, they lost both times with a score of 14:16 each. The meetings with the Germans were held on Nuke and Inferno. 

In turn, NAVI Junior drew with Astralis Talent and BIG Academy. But celebrated a victory over Fnatic Rising.

If the upcoming match ends in a draw, the NAVI Junior squad guarantees itself second place in Group A. If they win both bo1 matches, NAVI Junior can make it to the first place, but only if BIG Academy loses both maps to Fnatic Rising. If the German squad draws with Fnatic's youth squad, we will face a re-match versus BIG Academy for the first place in the group.

Recall, the team that finishes in first place in the group will advance to the LAN-finals. The rest of the teams will have to start in the Gauntlet Stage. The team that finished second in the group stage will start in the third round while the third-place team will start in the second round. The fourth and fifth place teams will play in the first round.

Check out the stream and support NAVI in this important and challenging match! #ObsessedWe