BEAT Invitational: COOLLERZ results

Quake / News / 26 March 2018 — 14:57

BEAT Invitational recap

ua NAVI.GG.BET player ru Anton "COOLLERZ" Singov took part in the first season of the Beat Invitational, where his competitors were seven experienced representatives of the pro scene. In this article, we will make a brief recap of Anton's performance.

In the group stage, ru COOLLERZ fought with se Johan "toxjq" Quick, hu Adrian "Raisy" Birgan and pl Maciej "Av3k" Kjikowski - players whose nicknames are well known to all fans of Quake Champions. As a result of the best of 3 series, ru COOLLERZ was on the third line in group B.

He confidently defeated se toxjq with a score of 2:0, but failed to deal with the players of eu Myztro Gaming and ru, although he had quite a run. As a result of the draw, in the first round of the playoffs, Anton's opponent was by Alexei "Cypher" Yanushevskiy.

Despite the fact that Anton lost in this confrontation, the derby itself turned out to be quite spectacular. The aggressive style of the game by by Cypher was justified this time. The representative of ua Natus Vincere left the competition, taking 5-6th place.

Very soon ru COOLLERZ will have to re-enter the battle arena and play at MediaMarkt CityBattle. We are sure that our player will carefully prepare for the upcoming test and take into account the mistakes made. We wish him good luck! #gonavi