S1mple - the best player at ESL Pro League S7

CS2 / News / 27 March 2018 — 17:47

s1mple tops the chart!

Now there is a short break between all the competitions, and our squad continues to diligently prepare for the upcoming official games, meanwhile, the intermediate ESL Pro League S7 statistics appeared. The best player in the seventh season at the moment is ua s1mple. Throughout 14 maps Sasha had 1.81 K-D, had an ace twice and won 44 clutch-rounds.

It should be noted that tr Calyx, the closest pursuer of ua s1mple in clutch-rounds, won 30 rounds of 1 vs X. In addition, ua s1mple topped the list in such categories as total number of kills (353), KAST (79.6%), and also took second place in the rankings of the Rating 2.0 (1.54), ADR (95.4) and 1+ kills on average per round (58.1%). Another ua NAVI representative is also on the list - ru electronic. Denis takes 13th place: 1.27 K-D, one ace, and 14 won clutches.

Here's a reminder: the next games of ESL Pro League S7 for the Born to WIn will be held on April 3 and 4 - against se NiP and dk Heroic. Now ua NAVI top the standings with 32 points. We believe that the guys will continue to play as confidently and get into the final part of the championship! #gonavi