CS:GO update

CS2 / News / 30 March 2018 — 15:16

Item trading change

Valve released an update for CS:GO, which changed the item trade system, and also made minor adjustments to de_nuke and de_dust2. The main change, of course, is that now items received by trade with other users will be blocked and untradeable for seven days on the account.


Fixed a bug with four-dimensional surround sound;
Fixed bug with some sounds being "stuck";
Fixed a bug where, instead of footsteps on the ground, viewers could hear footsteps on the water;
CS:GO items received on the Community Market can no longer be transferred within seven days.


The door on the A-plant is moved a little back, so as not to close the view of the booth;
The position of the beams near the tap is changed;
Smoothed traffic on the roof next to the base of terrorists;
The color of the new boxes is changed on point "B";
The color of the small red box on the "street" was changed by the terrorists;
Added a cover in the back of the room with a creaking door.


Removed one-sided wallbang from the CT spawn to the catwalk and short stairs;
Minor bugs fixed;
Fixed errors with using mip bias.