Big changes in NAVI CS:GO academy

CS2 / News / 31 March 2022 — 14:21

Changes have taken place in the NAVI CS:GO academy due to the war: we made farewells with Vladislav "latt1kk" Vydrin, Dmitry "fe2nk" Gladskikh and Vladislav "xiELO-" Lysov. Artem "kensizor" Kapran joined NAVI Youth, and Rodion "fear" Smyk returned to NAVI Junior.

Amiran "ami" Rekhviashvili

"NAVI esports Academy was founded over 2.5 years ago. We have always been a flagship and a standard for other organizations. Our players participate in international competitions of various levels, achieve victories, and we are proud of each of them. Our doors have always been open to talented young players from our region, regardless of nationality or political views. For me, only gaming skills and human qualities have always been of substance. There has been a belief that esports stays out of politics - yes, it does, but esports cannot stay out of war.

On February 24th, Russia attacked Ukraine. It kills our children, women, bombs our cities. We cannot stay away from it. In this regard, we decided to change the approach to the formation of academy rosters. Each player was offered relocation to another country in order to continue playing for NAVI. Due to the young age of our academics, this is a big problem, and we will not pressurize anyone to make a decision by force.

Now we will focus on working with Ukrainian players, and just like before, we will go our own way. Soon we will assemble all the academy rosters."

NAVI Junior roster

ua Rodion "fear" Smyk
ua Daniil "headtr1ck" Valitov
ua Andrey "nipl" Kukharsky
ua Mark "UNBR0KEN" Warakuta

NAVI Youth roster

ua Dmitry "dem0N" Miroshnichenko
ua Adam "froz1k" Nagorny
ua Artyom "kensizor" Kapran

ua Amiran "ami" Rekhviashvili (head coach)
ua Igor "crush" Shevchenko (assistant coach)
ua Mikhail "M1ke" Palamar (manager)