Rush of Clans: Silver for NAVI

Clash of Clans / Coverage / 28 May 2023 — 20:00

The Rush of Clans: Golden Edition tournament playoffs are over. NAVI showed a decent level of play and took second place in the championship, earning $10,000.

It should be noted that the tournament was not going as planned for our boys. NAVI first qualified for the Swiss Stage in the second qualifying tournament and then finished the Swiss Stage with three wins and one loss.

In the playoffs, our team won the first two matches, but then lost to Tribe Gaming and fell to the bottom bracket. There they defeated UG Esports and in the Grand Final, they had to face Tribe Gaming again.

The final match turned out to be extremely close in terms of the level of play, but the final triumph, in the end, was celebrated by the opponent. As a result, NAVI took second place in the championship.

Congratulations to the team on a good result! We are sure that the guys will continue to please the fans with their beautiful game!

NAVI Clash of Clans Roster:

jp Gaku "GAKU" Mukai
jp Yuya "Klaus" Ogata
jp Kazuma "Kazuma" Yoshida
jp Keiyu "STARs" Kanehara
jp Kandai "Koma" Maeda (stand-in)

cn Jun Jun "End" Zhang (coach)
ua Vlad "TheVs" Moroz (manager)

Rush of Clans Golden Edition
Clash of Clans
6 May 2023 - 28 May 2023