Year in Review: NAVI in Dota 2, Halo Infinite, PUBG, and StarCraft 2

Dota 2 / News / 30 December 2023 — 12:00

The year 2023 was an interesting one for NAVI in a variety of disciplines. Some were more successful, others - to a lesser extent, and others - have just been announced. In this material we will have a closer look at these disciplines.

Dota 2

The NAVI Dota 2 roster entered 2023 with a revamped roster preparing to debut in the first round of Dota Pro Circuit EEU 2023. Nicky'Cool and Malady joined the five: unfortunately, the change didn't bring immediate results.

The NAVI players finished at the bottom of the ladder in the first round and were relegated to the second division. The Tag itself, however, remained in the first division: the organization signed PuckChamp, who previously finished in second place in the lower division, and earned a promotion.

Shigetsu, mellojul, Malik, Danial, and Malady - that's how the NAVI team looked before the start of the second round of Dota Pro Circuit EEU 2023. The result was only the 7th place and the subsequent relegation to the second division. A silver medal in Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes #1, made things a little better, although in the second round of the championship, our guys failed to show a similar result, taking only 5th-8th place.

After that, NAVI players became the winners of the third round of Dota Pro Circuit EEU 2023 Divison II, but the team was faced with an even bigger challenge - earning a place at The International 2023. In spite of all the efforts made during the regional qualifiers, our team was not able to make it to the main tournament of the year.

The end of the year came and went without much success, and the roster went through a few changes. Danial and Malik left the team, and nefrit and W_Zayac took their places. The team spends all their free time practicing and will try to do their best in every tournament in the coming year!

DPC EEU 2023 Tour 1: Division I 8th place $22,000
DPC EEU 2023 Tour 2: Division I 7th place $23,000
Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes #1 2nd place $8,000
DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division II 1st place $17 000
Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes #3 3rd-4th place $5,000

Halo Infinite

It goes without saying that NAVI is the face of the entire European Halo Infinite scene in 2023. Our team has delighted fans with an excellent level of play, winning and participating in a number of tournaments in the region.

Unfortunately, things did not look so impressive for NAVI on the world stage. The Global Invitational - DreamHack, the Arlington Major, the Global Invitational by Spacestation Gaming, and the Fort Worth Major - in all of these tournaments our team did not finish higher than 9th to 12th place.

Nevertheless, we achieved our main goal of qualifying for the Halo World Championship 2023. At the tournament, our team pleased the fans by making it to the playoffs. There, they defeated Complexity Gaming but lost to Native Gaming Red. The 7th-8th place is a great result for a European team!

Despite the success in the discipline, the NAVI esports club has decided to disband the team at the end of 2023. There is no doubt that our team has left a great mark on the Halo Infinite community and will surely be remembered by fans from all over the world.

Year 2 Kickoff Major Charlotte 13th-16th place 1,625
HCS 2023 Europe Open Series 2 1st place $1,125
HCS 2023 Europe Open Series 4 1st place $1,125
Europe Halo - Spring Series Finals 1st place $3,000
HCS 2023: Global Invitational DreamHack 9th - 12th place $1,500
HCS 2023: Arlington Major 13th - 16th place $1,625
HCS 2023: Global Invitational by Spacestation Gaming 13th - 16th place $1,000
HCS 2023: Fort Worth Major 9th - 12th place $2,500
Halo World Championship 2023 7th - 8th place $25,000
European Halo - Blackpool 2023 2nd place $2,444


After winning the 2022 World Championship, NAVI were expected to perform at a similar level in the following season. However, it was not easy to continue performing at such a high level.

Although the team made it to the playoffs from the top in almost all of the major tournaments, they fell apart in the final matches and were unable to show their level of play. And replacing Ubah with Feyerist did not bring the desired quick victories.

Of course, we have to keep in mind that the competition within the professional PUBG scene is simply gigantic. The 10th and 12th place in the first and second phase of the PUBG Global Series 2023 can be called a very good result, but not for NAVI after the last successful season.

The organization has decided to disband the roster with Alya, xmpl, and Mell, which represented the club since 2021, and to gather a new team around the talented Ukrainian players: Feyerist, DIFX, Hakatory, and SoseD.

We are sure that the upcoming year 2024 will be even more successful, and the new members of the team will please the fans with great play and excellent results at the championships!

PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring 7th place $4,500
Atlantic Showdown 1st place $2,436
PUBG Global Series 2023 Phase 1 10th place $20,000
PUBG Global Series 2023 Phase 2 12th place $45,000
PUBG EMEA Championship: Fall 11th place $2,250

StarCraft 2

After a long ten years, NAVI is back in StarCraft 2 tournaments. On December 1st, the esports club announced having signed a Polish player Piotr «Spirit»Walukiewicz.

NAVI`s newcomer played at the major tournament ESL SC2 Masters 2023 Winter, successfully qualified for IEM Katowice 2024, and at the end of the year finished 5th in the European rankings.

Great result for Spirit! Cheer for NAVI's player in the new season!